Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer express USA shipping?
Express shipping varies based on the item. Please send an email to OurMovement (at) we’re eager to support your request.
Do you offer international shipping?
Not yet. For more information on our shipping policies visit our shipping page.
I made a mistake/there’s something wrong with my order, who should I contact?
OurMovement (at)  for all customer service inquiries. 
I align with the aesthetic and want to collab with Suite Ta Bu, what’s the best email to send pitches to?
I’d love to model for Suite Ta Bu, who should I contact?
OurMovement (at)  with your comp card information including shoe size.
Does Suite Ta Bu wholesale to boutiques?
At this time wholesale services are not available. If you see Suite Ta Bu available on a platform other than here at HQ please notify us right away. 
How do I stay up to date on Suite Ta Bu promotions and events?
Keep in touch by subscribing to our email and/or text list. It’s the only way to access Moscato Mondays, insider sales, prizes, and promo codes.