So, What Is Suite Ta Bu?

Suite Ta Bu- is the destination boutique for unique jewelry, ou menu is exotic and an  exclusive menu of statement jewelry that vibrates in alignment with the frequency of  timeless women and all the dimensions of her life.

Our collections are designed with real, vibrant, feminine women in mind.

We’re for the women who knows it's her moment and she creates all breathless moments,  Suite Ta Bu in the anchor of personal style. Our collections are best placed on bosses, dreamers, muses, rebels, and those cultivating goddess energy.

My father’s name was Hope, and he gave me my first jewels. It was the only way he know how to father. He bought me my first cartouche, he bought my first sapphire and as a man of a certain generation believed in admornment. I didn’t realize until after he transitioned - that it was hope that inspired Suite Ta Bu. So, just as he dedicated his books to me, I dedicate this dream manifested to him, It houses- all of my hopes.

Suite Ta Bu is self-made and self-funded. Your support helps my dream take flight.




CEO & Founder of Suite Ta Bu

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