So, What Is Suite Ta Bu?

Suite Ta Bu- is a place for those inclined to discover, rediscover, and affirm their brand of femininity and beauty. At the Suite-- independent style is celebrated, and personal flair accents the magic found in womanhood. My faux jewelry is intentionally global in style, bold, from time to time exotic, and always a piece that makes a statement. I challenge you to align with the frequency of your highest vibration and create "moments" like the timeless women we all admire. Magic is available to us all-- express yours.

Designed with you in mind ....

We're for the woman who anticipates, and she knows when her moment has arrived. She earned it. Suite Ta Bu celebrates the journey of the independent woman. It inspires and is expressed through personal style. Your beauty & brand encourage others to reach for the moon and land among the stars. We adorn creatives, the self-made bosses, dreamers, the reimagined, unexpected muses, the rebels, and those cultivating goddess energy.

My biological father transitioned in 2019, and his name was Hope. Precisely-- Dr. Cain Hope Felder PhD. Like many parents, he wasn'twasn't perfect, but he gave me my first jewels. It was the only way he knew how to father. First, he taught me the importance of authentic joy -- that was the 1st jewel he gave. The lesson came with his laughter and deep enjoyment of good people. Secondly, he bought me my first cartouche, gold, diamonds, sapphires, and as a man of a certain generation believed adornment expressed love.

Suite Ta Bu is a love letter. I didn't realize that until after he transitioned - it was a man named "Hope" who inspired Suite Ta Bu. Just as while he lived, he dedicated a book to me. I dedicate this dream manifested to him, and it's an offering, a love letter, and a way to express all of my hopes to the sisters I have yet to meet. Live queens-- live well.

As you can guess, Suite Ta Bu is self-made, self-funded and many didn't believe in my initial dream or choose to walk with me as a built it. I have sacrificed a great deal for it, but I am deeply grateful that your support helped my dream take flight. It is you, beautiful ladies, glorious strangers, and brother kings who gave me wings.

Love your soul,
Fearless Dreamcatcher & Founder of Suite Ta Bu

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