So, What Is Suite Ta Bu?

I created Suite Ta Bu for us. 

Those who’ve journeyed from foreign lands or city projects to center stage. Suite Ta Bu is a celebration of our “marathon.” Nostalgically, there are elements of the indigenous in everything I curate or design. In everything I create the collective soul of the women who raised me remains. This is an altar, full of joy, color and vibrance, inspired by the Black American, Afro-Latina, Zimbabwean, Kenyan and SriLankan women who have “loved on me.” 

Be seen,

Akidah, Founder & First Investor at Suite Ta Bu

💎Drops + 🤲🏽Soul Sparkle

I deal in soul sparkle.
More of life should be sweet, and I encourage you to celebrate the moments that are. When we reveal our souls, we allow our energy to sparkle uniquely through our style, movement through life, and how we effect those we connect with.
Be seen, sis-- be seen.

What inspires me?

Hope was my father's middle name, and he gifted me my first jewels - from ideology to sapphires and a diamond-encrusted Egyptian cartouche. After he transitioned in 2019, followed by his brother and "Jewel" his last wife, I realized this was the only way he knew how to father. To gift things he held valuable as a transference of love. So, love inspires me in all its forms. 

Be seen,

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